About Us


To provide every child that is diagnosed and undergoing treatment for cancer or receiving chemotherapy to treat other life threatening illnesses a cap autographed by the athlete, entertainer or other notable celebrity of their choice. To a child who has lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatments, the caps help them establish a special bond with their celebrity hero. The children gain strength from the autographed caps, and feel as though their celebrity hero is beside them in every treatment and fight in the battle against cancer.

Our Story

Our story starts with one cap, one patient and one smile.

Caps for Kids was founded in 1993 by Dr. Stephen Heinrich, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a clinical professor at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. While treating a young man and fanatic Auburn University fan, Dr. Heinrich gave his patient an autographed cap signed by Terry Bowden, football coach for Auburn University, and Bobby Bowden, football coach for Florida State University. After experiencing the joy a simple hat could bring, Dr. Heinrich organized Caps For Kids to lift the spirits of young cancer patients nationwide.

Dr. Heinrich started with a goal to provide all children receiving chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans with an autographed cap by a notable personality. After some publicity, the goal was met, and Caps For Kids began to expand. Today, Caps for Kids has more than 130 chapters across the United States and Canada.

The national organization is run by a full-time staff based in New Orleans, with a volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Council to help provide leadership and drive the organization’s growth.

Today, our one cap, one patient and one smile has turned into tens of thousands of caps, children and countless smiles.

Board of Directors:

Ellen Kempner President

Amanda Chittenden Vice President/Treasurer

Jeanne LaCombe Secretary

Lynn Long

Candice Caccioppi

Lynn Winfield

Tony Scott

Ben Whitworth

Stephen Heinrich, Founder Emeritus

Advisory Council

Lester Kempner

Mary Tobin