While we send out nearly 3,000 caps annually, the photos and stories below are a small sample of the lives of the children and families we touch every day. With your help we can achieve our goal to put a cap on the head of the more than 10,000 children that are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Nadine Caps4Kids

Nadine’s Cap Hero Helps Her Feel on Top of the World!

Nadine is a kind-hearted young woman who loves to draw, play basketball and go fishing. She selected Dove Cameron as the Cap Hero to sign her ballcap. Dove Cameron is an actress and singer. She stars in dual lead role in the popular Disney show Liv and Maddie. Nadine loves watching movies starring Dove and hopes to meet her during her trip to Disney World. Her parent said, "It's awesome Nadine could receive a cap signed by a star she loves. This really means a lot to her." We hope you enjoy your cap Nadine and wish you all the best with your treatment.

Konnor Caps4Kids

Konnor’s Cap Hero Helps Make Him Happy

Konnor is full of energy and friendly to everyone he meets. He loves playing with anything that is Spiderman, Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol. Konnor told us that he loves to watch Mickey Mouse on TV. So, when he heard about Konnor, Mickey was thrilled to be chosen to sign his cap. Mickey and his pals send all their love and strength to Konnor during his treatment for ALL. Konnor was so excited to receive his cap and continues to feel all the love from his special friend.

Dagan Caps4Kids

Dagan’s Cap Hero Lifts His Spirits and Hits His Support Out of The Park

Jose Altuve is a Venezuelan professional baseball second baseman for the Houston Astros. Altuve is a right-handed batter and thrower and at just 5 feet 6 inches tall, he’s the shortest active player in the MBA. Altuve played a big part in helping the Houston Astros recently win the World Series. Dagan said he chose Altuve “because he’s little and fast,” just like him. When Dagan was asked what the cap meant to him, he said, “it’s amazing.” According to his parent, Dagan smiled from ear to ear when he opened the package, and then he immediately put it on his head. “Dagan has always loved baseball and hats. Losing his hair ...

Terrence Caps4Kids

Terrence Is All Smiles Thanks to His Funny Cap Hero

Terrence selected Tyler Perry as his Cap Hero because he loves to watch him perform in movies and plays. Tyler Perry is an actor, comedian, filmmaker, writer and songwriter who is famous for his character Madea and her comical family. Terrence likes to watch Tyler Perry movies, play with action figure heroes and participate in his Boy Scout Troop activities. His personality is described as very old school. Terrence told us that the cap makes him happy. According to his parent, “Terrence as so excited about receiving an autographed cap from his idol Tyler Perry. This cap is so appreciated. Thank you.” Our thanks to Tyler Perry for ...

Cash Caps4Kids

Cash Gets Love And Strength From His Magical Cap Heroes

Cash chose the stars of the movie Frozen as his Cap Heroes. Cash watched the movie 30 times while he was in the hospital. He loves the music and especially loves Elsa’s magical ice powers. His hobbies are watching Frozen, playing video games and playing with his brothers and sisters. He’s described as an amazing guy who has the face of an angel, is extremely smart, loves learning and laughing, and full of life! Cash wears his hat all of the time and likes to hide from his doctors by pulling his cap over his eyes. He likes that it keeps his head protected from the sun too. Cash’s mom shared, “After so long in the hospital and a ...