While we send out nearly 3,000 caps annually, the photos and stories below are a small sample of the lives of the children and families we touch every day. With your help we can achieve our goal to put a cap on the head of the more than 10,000 children that are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Cash Caps4Kids

Cash Gets Love And Strength From His Magical Cap Heroes

Cash chose the stars of the movie Frozen as his Cap Heroes. Cash watched the movie 30 times while he was in the hospital. He loves the music and especially loves Elsa’s magical ice powers. His hobbies are watching Frozen, playing video games and playing with his brothers and sisters. He’s described as an amazing guy who has the face of an angel, is extremely smart, loves learning and laughing, and full of life! Cash wears his hat all of the time and likes to hide from his doctors by pulling his cap over his eyes. He likes that it keeps his head protected from the sun too. Cash’s mom shared, “After so long in the hospital and a ...

Vilma Caps4Kids (2)

Vilma’s Cap Hero May Play A Super Villain, But She’s A Super Hero To Her

Vilma is described as having an attitude that can light up an entire room. She loves being with her family and friends. She chose the Australian actress and producer, Margot Robbie, as her Cap Hero. Vilma selected Margot Robbie because she thinks she's beautiful and loves her movies. She especially likes the Harley Quinn super villain character she plays. Vilma likes to read, play cards and watch movies. Her parents said, "My daughter is so happy to have a cap signed by her favorite movie star. Thank you for making my daughter so happy. Her cap is something she will always cherish and admire." We're so glad we could bring a smile to ...

Grace Fulcher Caps 4 Kids

Grace’s Cap Hero Helps Her Battle Cancer Like a Warrior

Grace loves shopping, making friendship bracelets and rock climbing. Of course, Steph Curry loves making baskets and scoring points for his winning team. Grace said that her cap signed by Steph “means that he cares for people like me.” Her parent said, “What a great boost for Grace. Your organization is truly a blessing. Thank you.” We’re so happy that we could connect Grace with her Cap Hero and hope he continues to give her the strength to fight cancer like a warrior.  

Jacob Caps4Kids

Jacob Gets Hope and Inspiration By Listening To His Cap Hero

Jacob spent seven weeks in the hospital and almost didn’t make it home. A little girl from his home town heard about Jacob and how sad he was about having to be in the hospital. She generously donated an iPod so he could listen to music during his stay. Of course, his go to song whenever he’s feeling down is “I Don’t Dance.” His mother said that receiving his cap signed by Lee Brice has made him smile, which she hasn’t seen in a while. Jacob is described as gentle, friendly, funny and caring. He loves music, cars and sports. While his favorite song is “I Don’t Dance,” we hope that after his treatment and with the strength of ...

Denzel Caps4Kids (1)

Denzel Aims High With Help From His Cap Hero

Denzel loves to play football and basketball, which is why he chose Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors basketball team as his Cap Hero. According to Denzel, no matter the size of his opponent or who the player is, Curry doesn't keep anyone from standing in his way to make 3-pointers and layups for his winning team. Curry serves as a true inspiration for Denzel, especially now in his battle with cancer. Denzel is described as thoughtful, energetic, funny loving and sort of goofy. When asked what his autographed cap means to him, Denzel responded by saying, "This hat means everything to me and I hope to meet Steph Curry one day." We're ...