John Deere’s Littlest Biggest Fan

Cale isn’t your typical young man. At four-years-old he was able to rattle off facts about tractors, harvesters, scrapers, balers and all of the hundreds of other machines that bear the John Deere green and John Deere Agricultural yellow. One would expect a “John Deere tractor expert” to be a grizzled farmer, not a precious four-year-old boy who had just relapsed with acute lymphoblastic lymphoma after being initially diagnosed in 2010.

It’s no surprise that when it came time for him to request his cap of course he wanted it to be signed by John Deere, his cap hero.  Since John Deere is no longer living we had to get creative. We reached out to John Deere Public Affairs Worldwide in Washington, D.C., where Cale’s story was received with great compassion. All of the members of the Public Affairs staff signed a cap for Cale and put together a package full of books, toys and other John Deere garb for him. “We are so thankful that they were able to do something so special for Cale,” said his dad. “We will forever be thankful.”

So, if fifteen years down the road you see a young man donning a John Deere cap in Southwestern Louisiana, chances are it will be Cale – the man who knows and loves everything about John Deere – the same John Deere that was alongside him during the most difficult battle of his life.