Cash Gets Love And Strength From His Magical Cap Heroes

Earlier this year, Cash was diagnosed with Stage 3 Wilms’ tumor, otherwise known as Nephroblastoma, a cancer of the kidneys that typically occurs in children. After having his left kidney removed, along with the tumor, Cash has undergone radiation on his full abdomen, along 26 chemotherapy treatments. A very difficult course of treatment for a sweet young boy.

Cash chose the stars of the movie Frozen as his Cap Heroes. Cash watched the movie 30 times while he was in the hospital. He loves the music and especially loves Elsa’s magical ice powers. His hobbies are watching Frozen, playing video games and playing with his brothers and sisters.

He’s described as an amazing guy who has the face of an angel, is extremely smart, loves learning and laughing, and full of life! Cash wears his hat all of the time and likes to hide from his doctors by pulling his cap over his eyes. He likes that it keeps his head protected from the sun too.

Cash’s mom shared, “After so long in the hospital and a devastating diagnosis, this cap finally brought a smile to our son’s face. It was so adorable to see him put it on and be happy!”

We’re thrilled to bring a smile to Cash’s face and are delighted he’s feeling the love from his Cap Heroes. We wish all the best to Cash and his family.