Grayson “treasures” his Cap Hero Bruno Mars

In February 2015, Grayson was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. After going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment, Grayson was in remission for 10 months. Unfortunately, he relapsed and is now going through chemotherapy again. Once that treatment is complete, Grayson will have a stem cell transplant, followed by another round of radiation.

Grayson likes to play video games, Minecraft and baseball. He is described as very kind and friendly. He selected Bruno Mars as his Cap Hero because he loves his music and would love to see him in concert one day. He thinks that “it’s really neat” that Bruno took the time to sign a cap just for him. Just like the Bruno Mars song. Grayson’s Cap Hero is by his side to give him strength and encouragement throughout his treatment. Never forget Grayson, Bruno Mars and Caps For Kids, like you “just they way you are.”