While we send out nearly 3,000 caps annually, the photos and stories below are a small sample of the lives of the children and families we touch every day. With your help we can achieve our goal to put a cap on the head of the more than 10,000 children that are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Tyrie B.- Ellen (1)

Tyrie is all Smiles Thanks to her Funny Cap Hero

Tyrie chose Ellen DeGeneres as her Cap Hero because she’s funny and “loves to scare people for Halloween by sending her producer and special guests to haunted houses.” Tyrie thinks that Ellen is a loving and caring person, which is how she is described by her family and friends. Tyrie describes herself as a person who is always nice to others, never lets anything get her down and always dreams big. She loves to make friends and dreams about going to college, getting a job and buying a house for herself and her parents.  “This cap means joy and happiness to me because I didn’t believe that Ellen would take the time to sign my cap." ...


The Stars of Duck Dynasty Bring Reality To Life For Michael

Michael chose the stars of the reality TV show Duck Dynasty as his cap heroes to sign his cap. Michael has many hobbies and loves building with Legos, painting, drawing, reading, sports, video games, camping and fishing. He is described as outgoing, goofy, the class clown, smart, loves to job around and is very loving. Michael selected the stars of Duck Dynasty because they are his all-time favorite and has always dreamed of meeting the cast of the show. His mother said, "This is so special to him. The smile this cap put on Michael's face was priceless to me. How amazing is Caps For Kids and the Duck Dynasty cast! Thank you from the bottom of ...


Victoria Feels the Love and Power to Heal From Her Cap Hero.

Victoria chose Rapunzel from the movie Tangled as her Cap Hero. She loves Rapunzel because she is smart, bold and charismatic. Victoria also likes Rapunzel's love of art, music and dance. Just like Rapunzel, Victoria's family describes her as bubbly and fierce. She is outgoing, which is why people seem to gravitate towards her. In addition, she's social, thoughtful and makes it a point to make others feel loved. Victoria's cap was an unexpected gift and has boosted her spirits knowing that Rapunzel and the healing power of her long hair are with her during her treatment. We hope that her cap signed by Rapunzel helps Victoria create her own ...


Grayson “treasures” his Cap Hero Bruno Mars

Grayson likes to play video games, Minecraft and baseball. He is described as very kind and friendly. He selected Bruno Mars as his Cap Hero because he loves his music and would love to see him in concert one day. He thinks that "it's really neat" that Bruno took the time to sign a cap just for him. Just like the Bruno Mars song. Grayson's Cap Hero is by his side to give him strength and encouragement throughout his treatment. Never forget Grayson, Bruno Mars and Caps For Kids, like you "just they way you are."


Hallie and her Cap Hero Eminem Make a Beautiful Duet

Hallie is a happy, outgoing person and says she's facing her illness and trying to get through one day and a time. She chose Marshall Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem, because he is a big part of her and her life. Eminem is considered one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. According to Hallie, "this cap means the world to me Eminem is my idol and inspires me. He is my reason to keep up my hopes and dreams." Her parent said, "when it comes to Hallie, we are all here for a reason and we hope Hallie never stops searching." We're so glad that we can help Hallie stay strong during her search by keeping her Cap Hero and idol close at ...