While we send out nearly 3,000 caps annually, the photos and stories below are a small sample of the lives of the children and families we touch every day. With your help we can achieve our goal to put a cap on the head of the more than 10,000 children that are diagnosed with cancer every year.


Jordan shoots and scores with his Cap Hero

Jordan has undergone 7 months of intensive chemotherapy, limb sparing surgery and multiple other medical procedures in his battle with cancer. Jordan is a super fan of all the New Orleans sports teams, so when he saw that his hero Anthony Davis, from the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team had signed his cap, Jordan was so excited to show it off. Thanks to this special cap autograph by his sports hero, Jordan can now “shoot for the moon” throughout his treatment.


Superheroes Come in All Sizes

He is an incredible young man who loves playing video games, basketball and with his little brother. Karson’s mom describes him as extremely high-spirited, outgoing and an all-around fun kid, who lets very little get to him. Karson chose Spiderman to sign his cap because “ he’s a super hero who can shoot really cool webs.” Now that he’s wearing a cap signed by Spiderman, Karson can be a super hero too. He said it was really nice that Spiderman thought enough about him to send a cap. Karson’s strengths shine through every day and prove that super heroes can come in all sizes.


Touchdown For Brady And His New Cap

At 9 years old, he’s very big into sports and has been playing baseball and football for the past three years. He played second baseman in baseball and as quarterback in football. Brady is a serious New Orleans Saints football fan and was thrilled when he received his cap signed by Drew Brees, one of his favorite players. Brady said, “This cap means a lot to me.” Thanks to Drew Brees we’re delighted to connect Brady with his cap hero.


Makinley’s Cap Hero Makes Her Dance and Sing

As a result, Makinley became less afraid of her hair falling out and more excited about which celebrity she wanted to sign her cap. She knew immediately that she wanted Justin Beiber to be her special Cap Hero. Receiving her cap has been one of the things that have helped Makinley get through difficult times during her treatment. We are delighted to be a part of keeping a beautiful smile on her face and allowing her to enjoy performing alongside Justin Beiber!


Maria Feels the Love from Her Heartthrob

Ross is a Disney teen heartthrob and star of the TV series Austin & Ally. As an extra special surprise, Maria received her cap the day after her 8th birthday. When she saw the cap, Maria’s eyes lit up and she smiled from ear to ear! She couldn’t wait to show her mom and show off her new cap. Just like the title from one of the songs by Ross Lynch’s band R5, “Heart Made Up on You,” we are thrilled to have touched the heart of this amazing young girl.