While we send out nearly 3,000 caps annually, the photos and stories below are a small sample of the lives of the children and families we touch every day. With your help we can achieve our goal to put a cap on the head of the more than 10,000 children that are diagnosed with cancer every year.


Maria Feels the Love from Her Heartthrob

Ross is a Disney teen heartthrob and star of the TV series Austin & Ally. As an extra special surprise, Maria received her cap the day after her 8th birthday. When she saw the cap, Maria’s eyes lit up and she smiled from ear to ear! She couldn’t wait to show her mom and show off her new cap. Just like the title from one of the songs by Ross Lynch’s band R5, “Heart Made Up on You,” we are thrilled to have touched the heart of this amazing young girl.


John Deere’s Littlest Biggest Fan

It’s no surprise that when it came time for him to request his cap of course he wanted it to be signed by John Deere, his cap hero.  Since John Deere is no longer living we had to get creative. We reached out to John Deere Public Affairs Worldwide in Washington, D.C., where Cale’s story was received with great compassion. All of the members of the Public Affairs staff signed a cap for Cale and put together a package full of books, toys and other John Deere garb for him. “We are so thankful that they were able to do something so special for Cale,” said his dad. “We will forever be thankful.” So, if fifteen years down the road ...

Evan and His “Challenge”

Evan’s treatment for T-Cell Leukemia made him lose his hair, which was something he hoped wouldn’t happen. “I was scared because I didn’t want to be bald,” said Evan.  Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Evan immersed himself in watching his hero face some of the most difficult challenges of his life. One of those challenges included eating a five pound, 12-egg omelet filled to the brim with Southwestern ingredients and served on a pizza platter. Evan’s hero is none other than Adam Rickman, the star of Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food. “I was very excited when I found out I could get a cap signed by him,” said Evan. Rich...


Austin Loves Basketball & Duck Dynasty

Austin’s personality is one that immediately draws people to him.  He always has a smile on his face and no matter what obstacles come his way; he takes it all in stride. Austin’s positive attitude and maturity beyond his years are just two of the reasons he is such a special young man.  Austin has a passion for basketball and hopes to one day play again. He was so excited to receive his cap and said, “It makes me feel good to know that someone cares.” Austin is very proud to show off his cool new cap and we’re thrilled to have helped put a big smile on his face.

TayLynn and the Inspiration of a Hero

TayLynn’s grandmother requested a cap signed by Bethany Hamilton for her precious granddaughter. Bethany is a professional surfer who lost her arm as a result of a shark attack and through inner strength went on to not only recover, but once again join the ranks of professional surfers. She is an inspiration to both TayLynn and her grandmother. According to Grandma Teresa, “The hat is so special and means a lot. Bethany Hamilton is a real inspiration. It really helps a lot to have such a strong lady who has endured so much. We are truly grateful she signed TayLynn’s hat. I know TayLynn will be able to accomplish great things and have a ...