Terrence Is All Smiles Thanks to His Funny Cap Hero

Terrence was all smiles when he received his new ball cap signed by his Cap Hero, Tyler Perry.  While Terrence is going through treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), he has the support and love from Tyler Perry to help him keep his chin up and put a smile on his face.

Terrence selected Tyler Perry as his Cap Hero because he loves to watch him perform in movies and plays. Tyler Perry is an actor, comedian, filmmaker, writer and songwriter who is famous for his character Madea and her comical family.

Terrence likes to watch Tyler Perry movies, play with action figure heroes and participate in his Boy Scout Troop activities. His personality is described as very old school. Terrence told us that the cap makes him happy. According to his parent, “Terrence as so excited about receiving an autographed cap from his idol Tyler Perry. This cap is so appreciated. Thank you.”

Our thanks to Tyler Perry for putting a big smile on Terrence’s sweet face and being there for him during a difficult time.