Victoria Feels the Love and Power to Heal From Her Cap Hero.

Victoria is receiving treatment for Anaplastic Embryonal RMS, a type of muscular skeletal cancer that is typically diagnosed in young children.

Victoria chose Rapunzel from the movie Tangled as her Cap Hero. She loves Rapunzel because she is smart, bold and charismatic. Victoria also likes Rapunzel’s love of art, music and dance. Just like Rapunzel, Victoria’s family describes her as bubbly and fierce. She is outgoing, which is why people seem to gravitate towards her. In addition, she’s social, thoughtful and makes it a point to make others feel loved. Victoria’s cap was an unexpected gift and has boosted her spirits knowing that Rapunzel and the healing power of her long hair are with her during her treatment. We hope that her cap signed by Rapunzel helps Victoria create her own sense of adventure.