Fighting Cancer with Fieri

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Fighting Cancer with Fieri.

Name: Gavin

Interests: Legos, swimming, playing Xbox, cooking and hanging out with his family

Diagnosis: Pre B ALL

Celebrity Cap Hero: Guy Fieri

According to his mother, Gavin is an energetic, loving, smart, brave young man who has been specially strong through his battle with leukemia. She said her son had no health issues at all until he was diagnosed with Pre B ALL in January 2018. ALL is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow that occurs when abnormal cells begin to grow out of control.

When he was asked to pick a Cap Hero, Gavin chose Guy Fieri. Guy is an American restaurateur, game show host and an Emmy Award-winning television personality. The Food Network made Guy the “Face of the Network,” because he brought an element of rowdy culture to American food television. Gavin loves Guy’s energy – that and the fact that’s he’s a genuinely great person.

Gavin thinks it’s beyond cool to receive a personally signed cap from the one person he watches on TV every day. One day he hopes to meet his Cap Hero in person.

“This could not have come at a more perfect time, it’s been a perfect morale booster for Gavin. To see him smile knowing Guy sent this to him means the world to us.” – Gavin’s mom

Jamie O'Berry