Even Angels Need Angels

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Even angels need Angels

Name: Elliott

Interests: Baseball, soccer and building with Legos

Diagnosis: Liver cancer, Leukemia – blood and bone marrow, Acute Leukemia

Celebrity Cap Hero: Mike Trout

Los Angeles Angels’ center fielder Mike Trout is a seven-time MLB All-Star, a two-time American League MVP and a six-time winner of the Silver Slugger Award. Even more impressively, he is a Cap Hero to a little boy named Elliott.

When Elliott was just two years old, he developed a rare cancerous tumor that began in his liver. Then at the age of four, he was diagnosed with juvenile leukemia, affecting his blood and bone marrow. If that wasn’t hard enough, when he turned six years old, he was diagnosed with another form of acute leukemia.

Through it all, Elliott has been able to stay positive. This outgoing, funny, loud, competitive boy loves life, and he especially loves watching Angels baseball with his dad who has a Mike Trout jersey. When Caps For Kids presented Elliott with his own celebrity autographed ball cap signed by “The Millville Meteor,” well, let’s just say we hit that one out of the ballpark.

Mike said, “It’s always good to give back and try to make people happy,” but he did much more than that. Elliott says his new cap makes him feel stronger. It helps him stay positive and encourages him to never stop fighting. This cap makes Elliot believe in heroes. It also makes Elliott believe in Elliott.

Jamie O'Berry