Thank You to our Donors


Thank you to all of the individuals, organizations, and businesses that have donated to Caps For Kids. You allow us to continue our mission of bringing smiles children around the country.

Top Hat Society Members

Our Top Hat Society Members are our individuals (Cap Champs) and businesses and foundations (Corporate CAPtains) that have generously donated over $1,000 this year to Caps For Kids.

CFK Donors 2019

Amanda Smith
Barrie Braem
Blue Runner Foods
Boulder City High School
Brand Society
Brandy Ledet
Bryan Middle School
Carleen Lombardi
Carolyn H. Sholar
Cathy Harary
Chancy Fanguy
Cheryl Hall
Cody Robertson
Commack UFSD
Daniel Foley
David McBeth
David Theard
Eastern Carver County Schools
Elkhart High School
Elkhart I.S.D. Intermediate School
Elkhart Middle School
Ellen Kempner
Elmhurst School District 205
Evan and Sheila Steinberg
Evie Berger
Eydee Schultz
F. Christiana & Co.
Facebook Fundraising
Franklin Regional High School
Greig Chauvin
Haley Thomason
Hand-In-Hand Primary School
Henry Hudson Regional School
Holy Cross Elementary School
Howard Pence Elementary School*
Jacqueline Shreves
James Carinhas
Jeanette Miller-Neves
Jennifer Accardo
John Cazale
John Cruse
Jonathan Buring
Kathy Primeaux-Carlin
Kenner Rotary Club
Leslie Fischman

Mandracchia Sawmill Intermidiate School
Marie A Delourme
Mark Nation
Mary Beth
Mary Sucherman
Michael Mccloskey
Michaelyn Campbell
Missy Byrd
Moorestown Township Board of Education
Mount Carmel Academy
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H Braver
New Brighton Elementary School
Newlonsburg Elementary School
Palmer Art Market
Park Ridge Rotary Club
Pascack Valley High School
Patricia Cazeaux
Paypal Giving Fund
Peter & Vicky Sperling
Renaissance Foundation, Inc
Riana Goren
Ritchey Arceneaux
Robin Brantman
Ronnie Greer
Ryan Peters
Sharon Kozinn
Stacey Brooks
Stephanie Leff
Sunrise Estates Elementary School
Susie Accardo
Thomas H. Locraft
Trey Martino
Valley Oak Elementary School
Vimal Pillai
Warren Neiman
Washington Elementary School

Hats Off Anniversaries

Hats off to our loyal donors. We want to acknowledge your generosity and thank you for you donations over the years!

5 years

Ellen Kempner

Elkhart High School

Henry Hudson Regional School

Pascack Valley High School

Washington Elementary School